Book Review: Thriller 3: Love Is Murder by Sandra Brown.

Ok this book is a wealth of short stories my many different authors.  In fact this is the list of authors who have stories in this book:

Sandra Brown (Goodreads Author) (Editor), Lee ChildSherrilyn Kenyon,Heather Graham (Goodreads Author), Allison Brennan (Goodreads Author),Roxanne St. ClaireCarla Neggers (Goodreads Author), Beverly Barton , Robert Gregory Browne (Goodreads Author), Andrea Kane (Goodreads Author), Pamela Callow (Goodreads Author), Lori ArmstrongJeff Ayers & Jon LandWilliam Bernhardt (Goodreads Author), Dianna LoveBrenda NovakBill FloydJ.T. Ellison (Goodreads Author), Vicki Hinze (Goodreads Author), Julie Kenner(Goodreads Author), Cindy GerardD.P. LyleJames Macomber (Goodreads Author), Toni McGee CauseyLaura Griffin (Goodreads Author), Patricia RosemoorWilliam SimonAlexandra Sokoloff (Goodreads Author), Debra Webb(Goodreads Author), Mariah Stewart .

What a line up, people I have read for years others I’ve heard of and may have read a book or two over the years and others I’ve never heard of before. This book was amazing, the stories are all different. Different times, different places and even different races. There has to be something in this wonderful mix that will catch you attention. My favorites of course were Sherrilyn Kenyon  and Diana Love, but I am completely biased here. Though in fact I did not find a story that I did not like.

This is the type of book that is perfect for vacations to the beach, or to bring to the pool, or play ground. Where you can immerse yourself in a story for a short time before you need to come up for air and check on the kids. I have to be honest and say that this book seemed to go on for ever, which really was a great thing.


Overall Rating: 5 / 5 stars.