June 27, 2014

Bride of a Scottish Warrior by Adrienne Basso

Bride of a Scottish Warrior by Adrienne BassoThis was a very nice story. Ewan and Grace were really great characters. I liked how they interacted together, and I have a lot of respect for Grace. By how she handled her first husband and how even though she acted in a way she didn’t like she stood up and made the best decision. But the guilt had her going back to a nunnery where she felt she belonged but she really didn’t. I felt for Ewan and how he was trying to find a bride to help his new keep and to be a wife to him. I liked the fact that he was honest with Grace abut needing her dowry and how he handled her attempts to sway him from his course. These two might not have started out in love but they at least started out with respect for one another, even if it was grudgingly for Grace. The problems with Graces’ old brother-in-law were meet head on and while each wanted to protect the other they really found out how much in love they finally were. This book is not all sunshine and roses but the down parts really are more like little dips and the two handle them admirably. I really did enjoy reading this book.

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